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    New User, simple problem

    ccribbs _

      I am a new monarch user and I can't wait to really get into all uses of this amazing software, however I can see I have a long way to go.  I don't have all of the jargin down yet so I hope I am clear.  I'm trying to trap all data in a CSV file so I have used a floating trap with the commas to differentiate the fields.  My problem occurs when there is a blank field ie 12345,,54321,678  where the ,, isn't consistent throughout the file.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



      4000111,H0730,-94412.89,8654,SELL PRICE,,CA719-A,SLS M-B CLS550,101,,SANDIE

      4000411,90004,-41000,8464,SELL PRICE,,CA719-A,SLS M-B C300W,101,,SANDIEGO,1

      4000411,90004,1000,90004,OVERALLOWANCE,,CA719-A,SLS M-B C300W,101,,OA,10/31

      4000411,90033,-32650,8482,SELL PRICE,,CA719-A,SLS M-B C300W,101,,SANDIEGO,1

      4000411,90033,-2000,90033,UNDERALLOWANC,,CA719-A,SLS M-B C300W,101,,UA,11/3