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    Batch File

    kim14anne _


      I have been using Monarch for awhile now and I am trying to create a batch file that will automate my process. I looked on the help and I have tried to create my own command lines but i keep getting errors and was hoping I could get some help. Here is what i have so far:


      "c:\Program Files\Monarch\program\Monarch.exe" /rpt:"C:\Documents and Settings\KHERING\Desktop\EFTS\efts.pdf" /prj:"C:\Documents and Settings\KHERING\Desktop\EFTS\EFTS_PROJECT.xprj" /exp:"C:\Documents and Settings\KHERING\Desktop\EFTS\efts.xls" /T


      As you can see I have a project set up named EFTS_PROJECT and in case you wanted to know there is an Export set up within the project called Export1.  I want to set this up as a batch file.


      I didn't know if it was important but I am using Monarch Pro Version 9


      Thank you

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          kim14anne _

          Nevermind I fixed it by deleting the report name. Thanks

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            Data Kruncher

            Welcome to the forum!


            Can you tell us a bit about your project file? Do you have a project export defined to create C:\Documents and Settings\KHERING\Desktop\EFTS\efts.xls? This, creating a "project export", is the best way to do this.


            And if you do have this defined, is it the only "project export" defined in the project?