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    How can I ignore the top of a report ?

    sf_nicole _

      I am using Monarch 9.00 to try and grab a section of totals from the lower portion of a large report. The report is maybe 100 pages long.


      I can trap the information I want, but due to the size of the report it just happens that about 20-30 additional lines happen to match the format. I have tried a few permutations but it turns out that several of the detail information lines have exactly the same format as the total information lines.


      What I am tring to do now is ignore the report up until the sub title "Grand Totals" and then apply the trap. I have found this functionality in Monarch for a MCR (Multi Column Report) but I can not seem to find it for a regular report.


      Can anyone help ?





        • How can I ignore the top of a report ?
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Nicole, and welcome to the forum.


          It would help if you could please [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?t=2290"]post a sample of your report[/URL], and perhaps describe the trap that you're using in your detail template.


          Then it will be much easier to assist.


          Also, are you using the V9 Standard or Pro edition?




            • How can I ignore the top of a report ?
              sf_nicole _

              Hi Kruncher,


              I will have to scrub a report because it has confidential information on it. Let me see what I can do

                • How can I ignore the top of a report ?
                  Grant Perkins

                  Hi Nicole,


                  I'm with Kruncher in suggesting that seeing the report sample would be useful but I think I know what you mean by the MCR facility to define when a template should stop and start and I'm not sure it's quite the same thing as you need here.


                  Basically is you have 2 sections of the report that will always be picked up by a trap, as you have, the way forward would be tpo use the trap and look for something by which you can filter to keep and work with just the rows you need.


                  You might be able to filter the extracted table data based on;


                  data content in the record

                  the position in the report - page number/rownumber/record number, etc. For example if you know the lines you don't want fall on page 1 you can filter to include everything except page 1.

                  some other information  - say the section heading included using an Append Template.

                  excluding the first xx records - if the number of unrequired lines is consistent AND they occur before the required records.

                  /LISTThe section heading "Grand Totals" might work for you in this instance if the unrequired lines would capture something different or perhaps nothing.


                  It will be good to see the report shoud none of these suggestions (or something similar) work for you.