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    Monarch DataPump Issue

    samoore _

      I am a new user (very green) to Monarch Data Pump and am trying to complete the tutorial. I have had a couple of issues corrected but now am receiving this error message.


      10-28-2008 11:07:00 Process prerequisites were not met: File 'S:\CFS\CFSAdmin\Monarch\Reports\ClassJan.prn' does not exist.


      Monarch DataPump is on a separate server and I am trying to pull in ClassJan.prn from another server. I have confirmed with my IT group that Monarch Data Pump is set up as a Domain User Acct and Admin Acct. The map driving for the S  Drive is written with UNC path method.


      I also have confirmed that the file exist. What are the possible reasoning why this error is occuring? Thanks in advance for your assistance.