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    Column confusion

    garncor _

      I am attempting to extract data from a report using Monarch 9 Pro.  There are two aspects to this report that are giving me problems and I was hoping someone out there could give me a hand.


      1.     When a value in one of the columns is negative, the minus sign appears after the value in question

      2.     I don’t think the company that delivers this report to me ever foresaw any payment amounts above $100,000


      When a payment amount above $100,000 appears on the report, the result is one column that sometimes contains a minus sign, which applies to the number to the left, and sometimes contains a digit, which is the first digit of the number to the right.


      I’m trapping the different values to the left and right in different templates but when I make the “right-facing” trap big enough to include the minus sign (which applies to the column to the left of the one I’m working on), sometimes I end up with a number with minus signs on both sides, for example “-5431.51-”  Unfortunately, Monarch evaluates a number sandwiched between two minus signs as “0.00.”  Is there a way that I can have Monarch disregard this leading minus sign and only consider the characters following it?