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    Command Line PDF to Text Problem

    ezann _

      I have a PDF report that is a bit too quirky for Monarch to parse, but I would like to use Monarch v9 to convert the pdf report to a text file.  I do not need a model since I will parse the report programatically in another way.


      I can interactively export the PDF Report window to a text file without defining a model and all is well.


      I cannot, however, seem to get this to work from the command line. 

      If I try:


      "C:\Program Files\Monarch\program\Monarch.exe"  "C:\MonarchTest\schedule.pdf" /exp:"C:\MonarchTest\schedule.txt" /R


      the GUI fires up and displays the PDF but does not process the export.


      I have also tried saving the export as a project.  When I execute from the command line specifying the /prj: switch I get the same result.... the GUI displays the PDF but the export does not occur.


      What am I missing here?