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    jkl123 _

      I'm having trouble creating a filter for a range of numbers. For example I would like to exclude numbers between 700-799. Or I would like to exclude numbers that start with the number 7. Any suggestions? Thanks for you help.

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          Data Kruncher

          To exclude (account) numbers that start with 7, try:


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              Grant Perkins

              For the Range, and assuming your numbers are numeric rather than alpha,


              Fieldname <700 .or. Fieldname >=800

              should do it.

              If the field is alpha but can be treated as a numeric range convert to numeric first.

              Val(Fieldname) <700 .or. val(Fieldname)>=800


              If the filter get more complicated than that consider creating each filter in a simple form and then using the simple filters to create a Compound filter or a compound of compound filters to bring them all together.


              If you have lists of values to include or exclude you can also use the .IN. and .NotIn. operators in the filter definition tool.