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    Missing records when opened with Monarch

    roussos _



      When I extracted the data from a text report using Monarch I had a difference in the report totals. On further investigation, we realised that two lines from the report were missing.


      What is troubling, is that when I open the text file using WordPad, the two lines appear in the report, as they should. When I open the same text file using Monarch, the two lines are not there. The lines above and below the two missing lines appear properly, and there is no visible difference in the structure of the two lines - they appear just as any other two lines in the report. :confused:


      If anyone has had a similar problem, or may suggest any possible causes/solutions for this, I would be grateful. Monarch is a tool I like a lot, but obviously issues like this one introduce some concerns over its reliability...


      Thank you


        • Missing records when opened with Monarch
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Nicholas and welcome to the forum.


          I can't recall ever hearing that one before although I seem to recall a report of the last line of reports missing sometimes from certain report creation applications which were not fully indicating an end of file.


          That said this does not seem to be your situation.


          Is the report just opened without a model applied when the lines go missing?




          Is the file something that can be shared with others? Monarch Technical Support might be able to provide analysis or a few of us here on the forum might be interested to investigate and assess where the problem might be.