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    How to Filter out the character "

    rjgrunner _

      Hi Everyone,


      This has been bugging me for a while. I've been working with a very messy Report & I have it nearly formatted the way I want now but for one seemingly simple problem::(


      Modiality     Procedure     Timex     Patient Type     Time     Date

      TH"     PAIN"     1541     DEP SDC"     15:41:00     2008-05-15

      TH"     PAIN"     1501     DEP SDC"     15:01:00     2008-07-10

      US"     THY"     1636     REG CLI"     16:36:00     2008-03-25

      MRI"     LSW"     1434     PRE CLI"     14:34:00     2008-01-02

      RAD"     FTL"     1159     PRE CLI"     11:59:00     2008-03-28




      If you look at the column 'Modiality' My data has " at the end. How can I filter this out? I've looked at 'Replace' etc. but they seem to get confused because the character is "!!


      This looks so simple that it is really bugging me now. Any Help would be appreciated.