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    Autofilter in Summary

    Marc Osborne

      In a summary window with department numbers in the first column and individual items in the second column is there a way to "autofilter" the first column as one can in an Excel spreadsheet?





        • Autofilter in Summary
          Grant Perkins



          Maybe sort of ... not sure it will give what you require.


          Using the field properties 'Matching' tab one can select based on specific values for the field - which could be the value 'Copy' from the column cell and 'Paste' into the 'value list'.


          Basically the same effect as in Excel but not quite as refined in operation.


          It works for V9 and as far as I can recall should be OK in V8 as well - your forum profile suggests you are using V8 ...


          An alternative appraoch would involve using filters but I think that is most likely less useful to you.


          There may be another way but if there is it does not come immediately to mind.






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              Marc Osborne

              Thank you Grant. That indeed works but, as you note, not as elegantly as Excel. They summary I work with however is so big that by the time I've changed the field properties and allowed Monarch to recalculate I've lost time compared to scrolling down the thousands of rows to the department I might be looking for. Exporting to Excel seems to be the best way to get right to the department I'm looking for at any given time.

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                  Joe_ _

                  How about creating a run-time parameter as a calculated field, then creating a filter so the Dept. matches the run time parameter and the summary of course uses the correct filter?


                  Not sure if it's in V8, but in V9 works great.