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    Multi line report difficulties

    mrl.lig _

      I am new to posting to this forum, however I have been gathering assisrance and tips for quite awhile. First I would like to thank all for helping out with my issues. Secondly I have a report which is a list of travel company data, the report can have variable multi lines for each transaction, the string data seems to have no consistency, I have attempted the use of an overlapping append which does not seem to work, any assistance would be appreciated


      here is the report, I am trying to capture all data so that we can have documention to use as backup for when we charge out costs to each dept. the first line has the date, ref# amount and first line of description, the rest of the lines are continuation of description and are indented, as I stated I am attempting to capture all data. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      Note that I have done the best to replicate.  the report is single space, no blank rows.  After each date line all additional data is indented, each transaction can have variable number of rows of additional info (or no additional rows)




      08/06 USAIRWAY 03772291457163 WOBURN MA  55499678220246901686988       618.00

            DOE/DAVID TKT: 03772291457163 

            FLT#: 3910 ORIG: BOS DEST: ROC DEP DT: 09/18/08 

            ORIG: ROC DEST: SYR DEP DT: 09/18/08 

            FLT#: 4445 ORIG: SYR DEST: LGA DEP DT: 09/24/08 

            FLT#: 4199 ORIG: LGA DEST: ROC DEP DT: 09/25/08 

            FLT#: 3466 ORIG: BOS DEST: BOS DEP DT: 09/28/08[/INDENT] 

      08/07 HAMPTON INNS RALEIGH RALEIGH NC 55417348221732218697345              277.35

           CHECK IN DATE: 08/05/08 CHECK OUT DATE: 08/07/08  /INDENT

      08/07 AGNT FEE 89081140153633 ABC TRAVEL MA 55417348221582214714655   240.00

           SYSTEMS/AONETWO TKT: 89081140153633 

           FLT#: 10000 ORIG: XAA DEST: XAO DEP DT: 08/07/08  /INDENT

      08/07 PANERA BREAD #3542 Q53 WATERTOWN MA 05140488221710025832795 52.29

      08/08 ZIERER VISA SERVICES WASHINGTON DC 85418368221118000120577        242.00[/SIZE]

        • Multi line report difficulties
          Grant Perkins

          Hi mrl.lig and welcome to the forum.


          Do you need the information on the indented lines as a single block of 'descriptive' text or for each line to be a separate record with separate fields?


          The overlapping append approach should work relatively easily for the former but if you need the detail as detail life will be more interesting and, as you mentioned, complicated by the lack of extra detail in some places.


          I think the real key to this one is knowing exactly what the output needs to look like and then deciding which of a number of different possible approaches seems the most likely to deliver the goods as efficiently as possible.








            • Multi line report difficulties
              Olly Bond

              Hi mrl.lig,


              If you have data like:


              Append 1



              Append 2


              Append 3

              Append 4



              And you need preserve Append 3 in your table somehow, you're going to need two models. One traps your details and appends normally, and exports to an Access file. Another just traps the Appends, then does a lookup to the Access file, and filters out all those Appends for which you ahve a match in the Detail. You then create some dummy Detail data for Append 3 using a calculated field, and export this adding it to the Access table.





            • Multi line report difficulties
              mrl.lig _

              Thanks for the feedback,  I am attempting to capture as a complete descriptive text field, as stated it is difficult due to the varying size of this field.  The intent is to capture all the itinerary data that each employee has for the air ticket.  The problem that adds to this is there are sometimes non air ticket transactions which could be only one line in length (no indented data)


              The second approach Olly mentioned is one I have considered but was trying to keep the process simple but if need be I can go that route