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    Extracting data from vertical list

    steviev _



      I am trying to extract in the following vertical list the:


      - Program Name (first row)

      - Publisher (not always available)

      - Version (not always available)

      - Install Date (not always available)


      I setup the first line as details and the rest as append but for some reason the appended data is either being duplicated or put inserted next to the wrong program.


      Can anyone help me to extract the information. I am using Monarch Pro 9.01 but do not have much experience yet






      Publisher                    Visio Corporation


      Install date               2006-03-01


      Adobe Reader 7.0.8

      Publisher                    Adobe Systems Incorporated

      Version                         7.0.8

      Uninstall string          MsiExec.exe /I{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A70000000000}

      Install date               2006-11-01

      Install source               C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Setup Files\RdrBig\ENU\


      ALPS Touch Pad Driver

      Uninstall string          C:\Program Files\Apoint\Uninstap.exe ADDREMOVE


      ATI - Software Uninstall Utility


      Installation directory     C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\UninstallAll

      Uninstall string          C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\UninstallAll\AtiCimUn.exe


        • Extracting data from vertical list
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Stevie and welcome to the forum.


          You have probably realised by now that you are one of the many examples of new users of Monarch whose needs are not exactly in line with the classic starting point for Monarch analysis potential discovery exercises!


          Never mind, you will just have to jump in to some of the less commonly used features!


          Here is a suggestion that seems to work PROVIDED you have or can create a blank line before the first record.


          Make the blank line your sample for the DETAIL template, trapping on the fact that there are no characters.


          Paint a field for the entire width of the line as it might be reported. Monarch will set a default to the max width available in this report sample - be sure to use a sample report with the widest possible lines ot make the lines wider by editing the field definition.


          Right click the field and go to the Advanced tab. We need to make this a multi-line field of character type (Possibly MEMO type if the longest multi-lne record would exceed 254 characters.) Set the END FIELD ON value to "None of the above".


          Based on th sample data posted you should now see every line of the report shaded as selected.


          Go to the Table window.


          In the Data menu add a new Calculated field. Let's do Publisher first.


          Give the field a name. In the formula tab enter;




          The result will be the first line from the record that contains the word "Publisher".


          You can refine this a little and remove the word Publisher using the following variation on the formula.


          lsplit(textline(,"publisher"),2," ",2)


          To create a field for "Version", duplicate the Publisher field and change the 'search' string to suit.


          For Installation Date again duplicate and change the search string but also make the split parameters 3 rather than 2.


          To get the program name use the LINE NUMBER mode within Textline instead of the 'Search' mode. As the field starts with the blank line the name of the program will be on line 2.




          So far as I can see that should give you what you want. If you wish to add anything else you should be able to work the requirements along similar lines.


          If you want the date as a date use the CTOD() function.


          The Functions help entries will probably be very useful references and samples.