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    Export entire report to text

    lany _

      I think what I am trying to do is really simple, but I'm having a tough time figuring it out.  If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.  I have a set of reports that comes in a prf format.  There are several reports in one file, so I can see the tree on the left of the different reports.  Due to the file size, I want to export one of them to a text or pdf file without applying any monarch models to it. I Just want to export the one report as is.  When I try to export, it exports the entire prf file to a pdf and it's entirely too big.  Is there a way I can limit the export to just that one report?  Thanks so much in advance.

        • Export entire report to text
          lany _

          I should mention that I am using version 9.  Also, I saw the post that had a similar issue and a batch was the solution.  I am a novice user and it seemed overwhelming, but I'm willing to dig in and figure it out if that's the only answer! Thanks again.

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              Grant Perkins

              Hi lany and welcome to the forum.


              Not too many questions around here about prf files so I'm pleased to see people still using that feature. I assume you need to separate the reports for some specific purpose where leaving them combined and using the rapid display and search facilities is not an option. Also that the prf files don't come with the model embedded?


              As far as I can tell, other than highlight the pages you want and then cut and paste, your best option would be to select the report you want using the Tree entry or the Menu option (Window > Report > select which report you want ASSUMING that the prf file has been created in a way that actually identified the reports separately not just a name field from an aggregate report) and then use the PRINT option rather than export for you output. You can then print to a 'text' file or PDF (or something else) if you have a suitable 'device' set up.


              For a print file as text you may need  a virtual printer  (Generic/ Text Only) which you may need to set up as a printer on your machine. There is a standard driver for that usually.


              To print as a PDF you would need a PDF printer driver installed. Adobe supply one as part of the Acrobat application but there are other third party programs around though some may be less consistent than others. (Most up to date versions seem pretty good these days.)


              If you wanted to export just the data table you should, from Monarch, be able to apply a filter using the file name but as far as I can tell this is not applicable to the Report export.


              Alternatively perhaps the batch solution you have already found in the forum. That may not be as complex at it willl look at first sight.



              Does this help in any way?




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                  lany _

                  Thanks so much for your speedy reply!  It's been a good five years since I've used Monarch so I feel like I am teaching myself all over again and it seems it's changed quite a bit in those five years.  I installed a virtual generic print driver.  However, when I go to print to that printer, it just sends a tiny upright rectangle.  I tested the driver itself by printing a txt document to it, so I am pretty sure it is set up correctly and that's not my issue.


                  For a prf file, I would know if there were embedded models, right?  I don't see one over in the tree and when I go to create my own, I don't see anything there.  Sorry for the very dumb questions, but as I said, it's been a while. 


                  For now, I have been doing the highlight / cut / paste option, but it's painfully slow and these reports are a tiny fraction of the size they'll be in the near future, so I would like something a bit quicker.  Yes, you are correct, that I need just one of the reports out of the report tree.  If I use the export feature to a pdf, it sends all reports and the file size is enormous.  And like I said, we are not even close to the size these will be eventually. 


                  When I try the export option from the report, I always end up in a error, I am guessing for the reason you mentioned (can't export report format). 


                  So, I am guessing the batch option is my last, dreaded option.  Can you direct me to any resource as to where I might educate myself on creating a batch?  Thanks again.  This has been extremely helpful and enlightening.  I trust I will get back to my old Monarch skills eventually!

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                      Grant Perkins

                      Quite a bit likely to have changed in 5 years - would that have been version 6 time?


                      Nothing comes immediately to mind re the text printer problem. Are you working on a test file with dummy data and could that be shared? If so I would be happy to take a look at what happens on my systems. Let me know if that is an option and I will provide you with an email address to which you can send the file. (I assume it is quite small being a prf file.)


                      If you open the prf file in Monarch you can then check the File > Model and Project Information  option to view the model contents. (I would imagine that project will be empty.)


                      I don't have a problem exporting the report format but what I can't do is select just one of the included reports. Export works fine for the entire set of included reports - just as you mentioned previously.


                      There are a number of variables in play here so I think working with a common report (either the current one or a special set up for the purpose) is probably rather important.


                      You could also try to create a prf from your own resources (perhaps the samples reports for Monarch? I used ClassicJan, ClassicFeb and ClassicMar. and one of the Lesson models that works with them. I created a prf file and then brought that into Monarch. Doing the same thing you could identify of the anomaly seems to be with the prf or in the printer set up somewhere.


                      As for the batch question - first port of call is the Help system to get a feel for it. Add in the info in the post you found (to save me trying to find it do you have the link for that?) and then the is DataKruncher's Batch File Generator.




                      I don't recall if it entirely covers all aspects of working with prf files but it should help head in the right direction.