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    Clear Field Value

    ron cousino

      I have upgraded to Version 10 and have tried using the clear field values function with footer data.  What I have found is that the clear function will work with one footer but falls apart if using multiple footers.  Datawatch Supports answer is to try using the infamous "guru" trap and kindly referenced several threads in the forum.   My native English has presented a problem with me trying to follow the threads and how this "guru" trap should be set up.  Perhaps it is the King's English that accounts for the holes in the documentation.  Perhaps Grant can create a video lesson on the "guru" trap demonstrating "guru appends" "guru footers" and the like? . . . .at least until the next patch comes out that fixes the clear fields function.

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          Data Kruncher

          Ron's throwing down the gauntlet!!


          If you can post a sample challenge, we just might pick it up!

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              ron cousino

              The only way I can de-identify is to copy and paste a page of the report into Paint and erase the key data.  The next challenge then is to determine how to copy and paste into the forum.  Perhaps Debbie Herrara in Datawatch support can provide.  I am not a programmer, that is why I use Monarch.

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                  Grant Perkins

                  Hi Ron,


                  I'm not sure about 'infamous' you know!  Is it really that bad?  :o


                  How about this suggestion.


                  The so called 'infamous' trap is really a concept of working with Monarch on reports that should[/B] be interpeted as having (perhaps) large detail records but by the way they are presented make it impossible for Monarch to understand them like that according to its normal processing rules.


                  What the infamous trap sets out to do is break the rules. Or, more realistically, adapt what Monarch can do to reconstruct, sort of, the report 'on the fly'.


                  [Another option might be to use Monarch to reconstruct the report for output by reordering report lines for example and exporting a new version of the report which then becomes a new input file for a new Monarch model. Sometimes this is the only[/I] way to deal with certain reports.]


                  Remember these the Guru Trap concept is more a description of capability than a step by step instruction set. The component 'tools' need to be picked up and used as required by whatever the report throws up. Things will likely vary from one report to the next.


                  If I attempt to define an outline basic guide entry for each potential step of the process (not all possibilities are required all the time)  could you try it out and let me know how clear the description is and how usable you find it? We can build it up a step at a time checking for clarity as we go.


                  What do you say?