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    Counting records in subcategories

    PAStoddard _

      I have categories (listed as rows) and subcategories (listed as columns).  How do I get a count on each column within each row?


      For example,

      I want to know the number of accounts past due (30, 60, 90 columns) for each fund type (rows).


      The past due subcategories are calculated fields.  I want to count the number of records within each past due subcategory within each fund type with a value greater than 0.


      When I use count from the Table Field in Summary view, I get the count of all records within the fund type.  But the same value appears for each column.


      Also, how do I insert/attach a print screen so you can see what I am talking about?


      What is a tag?

        • Counting records in subcategories

          One of the difficulties of this form is that you're never standing over the person's sholder. It's always a challenge when you can't see the screen and ask questions in real time.


          Somewhere in your table you calculate your subcategories or aging buckets, correct? For example on each record you determine which aging bucket it goes in?


          Suppose your report is


          A        5.00        1/1/2008

          B        5.55        8/1/2008

          C        1.00        7/1/2008

          A       15.00        8/1/2008


          You would add a field that has the following subcategories (I omited amount and due date)

          FUND BUCKET

          A       90

          B       30

          C       60

          A       30



          And you want your summary to look like:

             30  60  90

          A   1   0   1

          B   1   0   0

          C   0   1   0



          Or even more complex:

            30-CNT    30-AMT  60-CNT    60-AMT      90-CNT      90-AMT[/FONT]

          A   1         15.00       0         0           1        5.00[/FONT]

          B   1          5.55       0         0           0          0[/FONT]

          C   0             0       1       1.00          0          0[/FONT]




          Can you correct me where I'm wrong on understanding the problem you want to solve and your solution? It will help to answer your question.


          Also tags are what you use to help format your response. You can use code and /code surrounded by brackets to wrap arround your report sample  to maitain the orgional format of the report.