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    Noob Questions

    shallowz _

      hello let me start out i have no idea what this software can do


      i was given Monarch last week. i run crystal reports but i don't make them

      the person who gave me the software told me this monarch software is suppose to be very impressive.

      our company will not pay for a training course.


      Is this software able to open Crystal reports?

      is it able to update reports when there is a new database?

      can it do this automatically?

      sorry for being a noob i just dont know where to turn to for help on this software

        • Noob Questions
          Data Kruncher

          Hi shallowz, and welcome to the forum.


          Given your situation I assume that you have a Pro version of Monarch, likely v8 or v9. It would be good if you could update your profile to be a bit more specific in that regard.


          Monarch will not be able use Crystal Report's .rpt files directly, you must output the reports generated by Crystal as plain text files first, then open those files with Monarch.


          Once a Monarch model is created to use the data from a database, then yes, it can automatically extract the new data.


          You should find that there's a Learning Guide installed as a PDF file. This is a terrific primer, and well worth the minimal time required to perform the required lessons included. If you don't have it installed already, get hold of the installation CD as you cannot download the Learning Guide from either this forum or the Datawatch site.


          After you get a just a bit more familiar with the capabilities of the software, I'm sure that you'll find that this forum will be a good resource for you.



            • Noob Questions
              shallowz _

              every time i try to update my profile with the Monarch V9.0 its keeps giving me errors messages saying something about not the right format

              i think they should make that a drop down instead of guessing what they want me to say

              thank you for you ideas i will try it out.

              we got a downloaded copy of the software from the web site so we didnt get those extra files