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    Averages - Help :)

    Jeanette Lea

      Can any of you wonderful (creep, creep) Monarch gurus help me please.........

      I have a list of values that I need to average, they appear in the table as :

      Inv_no      Value

      I0003079        £  45.00-

      I0003079             0.00

      I0003079             0.00

      I0003079             0.00

      I0003079        £724.60

      I0003086        £248.00

      I0003086        £776.00

      I0003086             0.00

      I0003086       £1552.00

      I0003086             0.00

      I0003086             0.00

      I0003086             0.00

      I0003086        £257.60

      I0003057      £3650.00


      I need an average of the total of the invoice values ie :

      Inv_No       Inv Total

      I0003079    £679.60

      I0003086  £2833.60

      I0003057  £3650.00


      Average   £2387.73 ((£679.60£2833.60£3650)/3)


      I can get the Invoice Totals in a straightforward summary, is there anyway I can get the averages of these totals within the same model rather than exporting the total summary and reopening as a table to average as an additional model?

        • Averages - Help :)
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Jeanette and welcome to the forum.


          If your data is presented just as you posted I think yor options are limited to your own suggestion. Export and analyse that report. You could make the process a single batch file driven operation.


          On the other hand if you have any way of setting a Page Header such that eaich I number has its own virtual page you could use max() in a formula for a measure :




          but ONLY if the total number of lines for a single I number is less than 256 (or what ever the max number of lines for a page is set to.)


          If it were my task I might choose either approach depending on the full circumstances and the opportunity to identify the virtual page break.