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    Datapump &[Inputname] Macro suddenly stopped working - Please Help!!

    Grant _

      I have a process set up in Datapump that opens a CSV as a database, does some simple extractions and exports the new data to an Excel Spreadsheet.  The export is set to add data to the file, overwrite table if it exists, and name the table/worksheet as the name of the file that the data was extarcted from (Inputfile).  This worked for quite a while then suddenly the job stoped running with an:

      DwChServer.Exporter Failure Exception:  Exporter RunAllExports returned False.


      Says the file is not in expected format, only Excel 97 and higher supported.


      I have Excel 2003, the file is definately saved in that format and if I enter a table name instead of using the Monarch &[Inputfile] macro the export completes.  Any Ideas?  Need to get this working ASAP.  Monarch Support has drawn a blank.