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    Data Pump V9 Event Error 210

    Dave-G _

      The below event error appears multiple times with the same time stamp. We have currently 113 monitored processes with all processes having less than 20 files to monitor. So, we are well under the requirement of 61 or less files for a single process. When we view a process, it will place multiple 210 errors in the Event Viewer folder. We started to get this error when we started to convert most of our scheduled jobs to monitored. Does this error stop the monitoring process for all monitored processes?


      Event Type:     Error

      Event Source:     DwchServer

      Event Category:     None

      Event ID:     210

      Date:          8/15/2008

      Time:          2:07:28 PM

      User:          N/A

      Computer:     BOLINA


      DwchServer.InvalidNoOfFileSpecsForMonitoredProcessException: Too many file specifications for monitored process .

         at DwchServer.a.a()


      For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp[/url].

        • Data Pump V9 Event Error 210

          We had the exact same issue, and it was very frustrating! Yes, this does stop all monitoring. To re-create this error, you can restart the Data Pump service. You have a threshold on your server (ours was 47). Any number of monitored processes above that threshold will trigger this error.


          See the article [URL="http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810886"][COLOR=#0000ff]http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810886[/COLOR][/URL]. We needed to up the registry entry on both the file server and the Data Pump server. In our case, this was set at 50 on the server. When we increased it to 100, we were able to monitor for 97 files before we recieved this error.


          That said, we are opting to store all files on the Data Pump server entirely and eliminate the file server.


          Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

            • Data Pump V9 Event Error 210
              Dave-G _

              Thanks for the input.  Our files do reside on our Windows 2003 datapump server.  Our registry did not have the keys mentioned in the Microsoft article so we created the 2 keys mentioned in the article and used a value of 200 to try since we have 113 monitored processes currently.  We rebooted after creating these registry keys.

              This morning we started to enable some of the ones that were disabled and hit the 210 error on our 74th process. Any thoughts?

                • Data Pump V9 Event Error 210

                  The registry value is the number of monitored threads you can have over a network.  Each monitored file per process uses a thread, plus Data Pump uses a few internally.  So if you have 73 processes and each one monitors an average of 3 files you'll hit that limit of 200. 


                  Monitoring over the network is an expensive operation, so cranking your file server up to 1000 or something obscene will probably make your file server slow to other applications, but it is an option.


                  Alternatively, you could try to reduce the number of limited files to one per process (maybe use wild cards).


                  Our solution is to send everything to the local Data Pump sever's D drive instead of the file server.

                    • Data Pump V9 Event Error 210
                      Dave-G _

                      Thank you for your response. I did check to see how many files were being monitored and we did approach the 200 value we set. So, I think we are going to revaluate how many of these processes should be monitored.