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    How do I use the count in a matrix?

    PAStoddard _

      How do get a count for each key and measure?  I have different fund types as the key and date ranges as the measure in my summary view.  I want a count of the number of records for each fund type by date range.


      I get a count for each fund type, but not for each record within that fund type by aging group.


      I think the problem might be that the aging groups are calculated as zero when the date does not fall within the range.  Therefore every record is counted in each aging column.  How do I work around this?  Is there a countif function?

        • How do I use the count in a matrix?

          If you want to have aging groups or buckets and display a summary listing the count in each bucket, you need to have several calculated fields.  For example if you want three buckets, 0-30 days, 31-60, and 61+:


          Bucket1 = if(date() - < 31, 1,0)


          Bucket2 = if(date() - > 30 .and. date() - < 61, 1,0)


          Bucket3 = if(date() - > 60, 1,0)


          Your summary will have your key fields, and three measures: Sum(Bucket1), Sum(Bucket2), and Sum(Bucket3).


          The syntax of the functions above may not be exact (I don't use dates very often), but hopefully it illustrates the concept.  Let me know if you have any questions or if this works out for you.