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    Data Pump Interaction with my web application??

    paulmcelhinney _

      I am going to be coding a .NET website that needs to read data from excel files that have been uploaded and insert data to a DB2 database.


      From what I have read so far my application should be able to interact with Monarch Data Pump via a web service? Would this be correct?


      I havent started working with the software yet so I'm a total beginner, just wondering if anyone had done anything similar to this and could give me any pointers or information about this?


      Any information at all would be greatly appreciated

        • Data Pump Interaction with my web application??

          [FONT=Verdana]Monarch V9 Pro allows Data Pump to be used via web services.  I have not used the functionality, but I imagine it might do the job for you.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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          [FONT=Verdana]Another option is to use your .Net website to save the spreadsheet somewhere on your private network.  Datapump (any version) could monitor for files in the location you put them to from the website and load them to DB2, independent of your .Net web app.  /FONT[/COLOR]

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