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    Nil or Zero Value in a Number Field

    kstorey _

      I wonder if anyone can help...  I am using Monarch 9 Pro to create a conversion file for a KRONOS time and attendance interface to a MEDITECH hospital information system. 


      I have a need in a numeric field to show a zero balance as a blank or nil value.  I also have another numeric field that requires a zero value to be shown, so the changing the preferences to show a zero balance to a blank will not work for both instances (since they are opposite).


      I would love to use the "if" command to create a calculated field something like this:


      if(Amount=0," ",Amount)


      Of course when I try to file this, I get an "Operand types" error.


      Can someone tell me if there is a different way to generate the same thing?


      I would appreciate any advice you could give me.




      Kevin Storey