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    Multiple summary export commands

    aceinthecorner2005 _

      Visual Basic seems interesting but I have no experience with it so I am trying to automate using .bat files.


      My model has about a dozen different filters and each has a corresponding summary.  I am trying to export my table and all my summaries in a batch file.  I can make it export the main table and the first summary on the list but no more.


      Is there a way via a project, or loop, or data filter, etc that would allow me to export multiple summaries using command lines? 


      Please halp!  Much appreciated!

        • Multiple summary export commands
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Ace,


          If you've got some of the exports working properly, you're 90% of the way there. You know that your model is working just fine.


          You definitely want to go the Project route so that you define a sequence of standard, repeatable exports. The first will be the Table, likely without a filter, and then followed by each of the Summaries.


          In your batch file you'll just need to specify the project with /prj:, then use /pxall to export all of the defined project exports. They'll run in the sequence you built in the Project Exports dialog, so move them up or down as necessary to get the order you want. Right-click on the export name to Move Up or Move Down as applicable.


          One thing that you didn't mention but causes some frustration for the somewhat inexperienced is that you cannot append summaries to existing exports if the headings are different. That may or may not play a role in what you're trying to do.




            • Multiple summary export commands
              aceinthecorner2005 _

              Thanks I will have to experiment with projects as I am a total noob when it comes to utilizing them ... they frighten me at the moment (espeically when using them with append commands).  But if I can figure them out then it sounds like it may work better than building a model for each individual summary.


              As to the column headers I am trying to be very uniform with the this database and that should not be an issue for me.


              One thing though ... I am sure it's discussed somehwhere in this forum but I just put a password on my .mdb.  Each time Monarch performs an external lookup to one of the .mdb, or appends a table I need to incorporate a password command into my .bat script, does anyone know off hand what is the command line for accomplishing this?