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    Still New-Scanned Files

    karen123 _

      Can scanned paper files that have been converted to PDF forms be opened in Monarch? We receive scanned files on a regular basis and are considering purchasing software that will convert them to PDF forms but only if the end result is that we can open them in Monarch. Thanks.

        • Still New-Scanned Files

          A scanned PDF can't be processed by Monarch.  There is no text in it, it's just an immage.


          However, you may be able to use OCR to try to convert the scanned image to a document.  That said, you'd still need someone to review the document created, because OCR isn't fool proof. 


          I've not heard of anyone using Monarch and OCR before, but I suppose it's a possibility.

            • Still New-Scanned Files
              Grant Perkins



              Joey is correct as usual. However I seem to recall a fairly recent post (this year iirc) where someone mentioned they were using OCR with some success in an automated document handling process. The consistency of output from the scanner and software (probably no need for PDF in the process) was seemingly better than I found last time I looked at OCR a few years ago.


              So if I read it right you are given a scanned file which will be some form of graphic file? (Or is it already a text file?)


              If it's a graphic you could try OCR to take it straight to text.


              OCR often asks for user confirmation if there are doubts about the interpretation but I think many recent OCR application releases can be 'trained' in some way to deal with common and consistent questionable interpretation. Also it may be that you can ignore some errors if they consistenlt appear in parts of the report you don't need.


              I wish I could confirm the previous post but have not found it so far and cannot search on OCR since search words must have more than 3 characters.