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    command lines adding a summary

    aceinthecorner2005 _

      I am trying to create automated method to open a report, and model and have it export the table as well as the summary to one .xls file (on seperate tabs).  I tried viewing the Monarch help files and am able to create a .bat file that will export either the table or the summary but not both and need help!  Can anyone please tell me how the entire command line should appear?


      Assume the raw data is called 'starting file'

      The table name is 'Main'

      The Summary tab should be called 'summary'

      and let's assume that the model, report, and destination are all simply to my C drive.

      Assume the file name is to be 'today's date abc report.xls'


      Please :confused:


      I am using Version 8.0 Pro


      Or can you just tell me the command line to export the summary onto a new tab on an .xls file?  Is this possible with command lines, or is there a better strategy?

        • command lines adding a summary
          aceinthecorner2005 _

          ... forgot to mention I am using V8.o Pro.

          • command lines adding a summary
            Grant Perkins

            Hi Aitc and welcome to the forum.


            Personally I  would consider setting up a Project Export if you have not already done so since it should make it easier to manage the batch script.


            That said I suspect you may need to consider you settings for the /expfileopt parameter and ensure it is set to 'append' when the second export file is produced. /exptableopt may come into this as well - they seem to always play together!


            I would be more explicit but I don't use scripts all the time so would need to get up to speed again. However if you use the forum search facilities to search for /expfileopt and /exptableopt there are a number of entries with examples one or more of which should help you with what you need to do - given that you already have the basic exports working.







              • command lines adding a summary
                Bruce _

                Hi Ace & welcome.


                In the on-line help there is a chapter on command lines. It's a great list of all the commands. With and without using project files are covered.


                Also Kruncher (one of the expert gurus on this site) has a great (free) utility to make batch files for you. Look on his site http://********************[/url], under the batch file editor.


                As the command syntax is a bit complicated, Kruncher has made his utility to help you design the batch file with all the correct syntax.


                Post back if you need more info.