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    Unlicensed Error-Unable to Resolve

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      I have read the various posts regarding the unlicensed error, and have been unable to resolve and eliminate the errors with the information given. 

      -We are running Monarch Pro v. 8.02 on Windows server 2000, and we also get the error randomly on an XP machine running the same version of Monarch. 

      -We use Monarch in an automated fashion via command line.

      -There can be mulitple instances of Monarch running at the same time. 


      We run hundreds of files through Monarch on a daily basis, and almost every day we get at least one "This program is unlicensed." error. 


      -The program was installed under the id that is logged onto the machine.  We even reinstalled it just to make sure.

      -The id has admin access to the machine.

      -The id can access the registry via regedit.


      Those are the items I have seen that supposedly cause the error.  It is very aggrevating, I am hoping there are further suggestions or tests that can be done to find out what is causing the error and stop it from happening.  The random nature of the error would indicate to me that it is not a problem with the environment that it is running in.  Monarch works well for us, except for this problem.



      R Neis

        • Unlicensed Error-Unable to Resolve

          I wonder if it is two batch scripts running at the same time. For example, what if you kick of one script with a HUGE input file that takes a few minutes to process.  While that script is running, kick off another script and see if you don't get the error.


          If that does not cause the error, run the two scripts from different machines and see if you can get the error.


          I think with the network licence, you can't share the user ID on two different PCs at once.  I run into that situation if I leave Monarch open on my workstation and try to open it up in a conference room at the same time.

            • Unlicensed Error-Unable to Resolve
              sienayr _

              Thanks for the response; I should clarify, each of the PCs I mentioned are running locally installed, non-network copies of Monarch and are completely independent of each other.  They are running the same Monarch version, 8.02.  It just so happens that we get the pesky error on both machines and have not been able to resolve the problem on either one.