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    Newbie needs assistance!!

    bgreer _

      Good Afternoon,


      I've extracted the following information into the table:


      Name          Department    Type             Hours

      Employee 1     001           OVTIME-Overtime        0.20

      Employee 1     001           PTO-Paid Time Off        7.50

      Employee 1     001           REGULAR-Regular       32.50

      Employee 2     002           OVTIME-Overtime        0.25

      Employee 2     002           REGULAR-Regular       40.00


      I want it to look like this:

      Name            Department    OVTIME      PTO     Regular     

      Employee 1    001               0.20           7.50    32.50

      Employee 2    002               0.25               0    40.00


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!!



        • Newbie needs assistance!!
          Grant Perkins

          Hello bgreer and welcome to the forum.


          I think you need to create a summary from your table.


          Make the KEY fields






          and the MEASURE will be HOURS.


          Right-click on the TYPE field key and in the properties settings for DISPLAY change the 'Down' selection to 'Across'. That will give you a column for each TYPE that occurs and seems to be what you need.


          You may also like to consider making another summary just the same but with the key re-ordered






          That would give you the ability to drill up and down and aggregate the measure values by department as well as name.







          See also the Help file section for "Display Key Values Across in a Summary".