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    Uable to Open Excel File

    gar _

      When opening an excel file exported from Monarch receiving a message "UNABLE TO READ FILE"

      I'm on WINDOWS XP SP3. updated on june 11, 2008.

      Monarch Export options for XLS file is "Excel 97 + (Monarch V9).

      I created an Monarch app since the June windows update, that worked at one time but nolonger does.

      Any existing apps that use the Monarch export settings above no longer work, if they overwrite an existing file.

      If they appended to an existing file, they still work.

      If I change the export setting to:

      Excel 97 + (Monarch V8) then the overwritten/new files will open ok, but my files that have the append fail to update.

      I've tested on a machine with XP SP2 and it gets the same failure results.


      Any ideas?:confused: