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    Excel Column Widths


      I've been trying to figure out the rhyme and reason behind the column widths that are set when exporting to Excel using the Apply Formatting option.


      I have several cases where a model looks great when opened in Monarch manually, but when run through Data Pump, sevreal of the colun widths are a little too narrow so some values list #####.


      I believe the reason is that when Data Pump runs it sets the column width for numeric values as the number of digits plus a decimal point.  When any formatting is added for thousands or currency, large numbers expand Data Pump's calculation for the width of the column.


      It seems trivial, but some users complain about the way the report looks and that they need to expand the columns before they use the report.


      Has anyone had similar experience?  Any workarrounds or solutions?  Hopefully I'm missing an option somewhere and it's an easy fix.

        • Excel Column Widths
          Amartinez _

          We are having the same issue.  Did you ever get a reply that maybe we can't see?  It is driving us CRAZY

          • Excel Column Widths


            Monarch Pro 8.02

            Data Pump


            The solution we found to this was first to setup the models as we wanted them to be displayed. Then in Monarch Pro > Options > Export and Clipboard Options and check the box next to XLS Files that says "Apply formatting to XLS".


            This has to be done on the machine running Data Pump. That worked for us.


            Sorry to revive an old post but hoping to help any others that use the search function.




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                We did find our solution.  For others having this issue (after applying the formatting setting mentioned):


                Check the font of the model, and make sure it is installed both on the server Data Pump processes on, and the end user's machine.  We were using an obscure font that came with Monarch that non of the user PCs had.