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    Hl7 Files And Pipe Symbols


      Does anyone know how to trap pipe symbols in monarch ?? I keep get numeric or not allowed in floating traps.  pipe symbol is shift \ on keyboard  it is used lot in HL7 files.



        • Hl7 Files And Pipe Symbols
          Data Kruncher

          It's too bad that you don't have v9 as it offers alternate characters for the trap icons, making it easy to trap on pipe characters. This alone might justify an upgrade for you if you have a lot of these files to process.


          There are other ways to tackle this however, using involving using calculated fields and functions to slice and dice the required data. A bit of effort, but still possible to accomplish the desired end result.


          Would you be able to post a sample of the file?

          • Hl7 Files And Pipe Symbols
            Grant Perkins

            Does anyone know how to trap pipe symbols in monarch ?? /quote


            Do you have Monarch Pro and if so have you considered reading the file as a database?




              • Hl7 Files And Pipe Symbols
                Bill Tilghman

                First two lines... export and then do a second model to do the real formating

                Source file


                A103 Boston Partners||A103@jhnetwork.com||||||


                Export to

                SFN SMTPADDRESS                               UID                          EXTENSION-ATTRIBUTE-8NONAME

                sfn WCunningham@jhnetwork.com                 sfntsscunn                   zzAdmin                   /code


                From here I filter out specific addresses and export


                Good Luck!

                  • Hl7 Files And Pipe Symbols
                    Grant Perkins

                    Another option would be to run the file through the Monarch Utility and swap the pipe for another character not used elsewhere in the data. Then build a master model positioning the new trap character at maximum field size separations to establish a consistent output (if the model is to be used many times and a consistent output is required). Make the trap a floating trap.