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    Aging Reports

    perezmanuel _

      Good morning:


      I'm new to the forums and have been working with Monarch for a while. I am trying to create an aging report from a PDF and I'm having problems creating the different aging periods (31-60; 61-90; etc). I'm using the IF function to create the date ranges, but it only lets me do the upper range of the aging period.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated!





        • Aging Reports
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Manny, and welcome to the forum.


          There are probably a few ways to handle this; here's one.


          First, you need an "as of" date to determine how old your invoices are. You may be able to capture this from the report itself, or you might want to use a runtime parameter calculated field.


          Next, build a numeric DaysOld field, with this expression:



          The expression for your Current amount would be:



          The 31-60 field would be:

          [SIZE=2]if(DaysOld>30 .and. DaysOld<61,[InvoiceAmount],0)[/SIZE][/CODE]


          Other aging buckets would be the same, until your last one. If it's 360 days +, then the formula would be:



          Does that get the result you want?