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    Expressions in the Summary View

    Lynette _

      Hi Group,


      I have numeric data in 4 columns in the summary view. However when I use the expression 'sum' it only adds the data if all columns have a amount updated i.e. even if a single field has a blank it does not give me the total of the other 3 columns. Am I doing anything incorrectly? Please advise - Am a Monarch 8 Pro user.

        • Expressions in the Summary View
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Lynette,


          What's your exact expression? Column 5 should be similar to:



          I suspect than one of your records somewhere in your table has a null value. If you want to treat a null as zero, you'll need to build four calculated fields, and then use those in your summary.


          Each of your calculated fields will need a formula similar to:



          Monarch won't add up null values. 2 + 1/0 = null. So a null anywhere will give you a null total, not whatever the other three add up to when one is blank (which is probably "null").