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    Code tags

    bgoderwis _

      I'm fairly new to posting on this forum, so please excuse my newbie question.


      I have been asked to post a batch file I wrote, but my cut/paste looked pretty ugly.  Some other posts mentioned Code tags.  What and where are these tags and how do I use them?

        • Code tags
          Data Kruncher

          In the icons above the message editor, the last icon is #. Clicking this icon will give you CODE html tags in your message.


          If you don't see the # icon, go to your User Control Panel, and select Edit Options. Go all the way down to the bottom of the window, and in the Message Editor Interface, select Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing from the list. Save your changes.


          Now to post a report, a batch file, or formulas , paste that text between the CODE tags, and you'll get this presentation style:

          rem Batch File Sample

          @echo off

          Monarch /rpt:"C:\Sample Report.prn" /mod:"C:\Sample Model.xmod"