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    Excel Export Append question

      I have Monarch Pro V9.1


      I have several large PDF's with letter types by quarter that I am trying to summarize in a spreadsheet with 35 different worksheets. Each spreadsheet will contain data for that year. A new spreadsheet will be created with the 1st QTR PDF year.


      Each letter type is appended to a spreadsheet as a new worksheet. The name of the worksheet is what the SUMMARY is named. As an example I want my spreadsheet to have multiple worksheets and each worksheet to be named what the summary was named:




      For the 1st QTR for letter TYPE1 I overwrite, for each additional QTR letter TYPE1 I append to the spreadsheet. For all other letter types I append to the spreadsheet.


      The problem I am having is that the first quarter PDF does not have any TYPE2 letters and when I export (append) it to Excel it does not create a worksheet for TYPE2. I seem to recall in past versions of Monarch when you exported to Excel it would at least create a worksheet with the column headings in Excel even if there was no data to export.


      The second quarter PDF does have TYPE2 letters. I created a small BAT file and tested it using the second quarter PDF as input and appending the data to each worksheet. Because the TYPE2 worksheet was not created using the first quarter PDF it had nothing to append too. It went through the motions, but it did not have a worksheet to append the data too.


      For my export options I have selected:

      Excel 97+(Monarch V9)

      Apply formatting to Excel Files is checked.

      Apply "Advanced Excel Features" is checked


      Anyone got any suggestions or work arounds?

        • Excel Export Append question
          RalphB _

          Hi Dan,


          That is odd that it isn't creating a blank worksheet even with the append flag. I tested exporting using the Excel 97+(Monarch V9) setting with regular reports we use as I don't do that much with PDF's and did not have anything to test with and it did create sheets with headers.  Normally I use the Excel 97 + (Monarch V8) export setting.


          Have you tried doing the same thing using Excel 97+(Monarch V8) export setting instead?


          Give that a try.