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    MDP9 problems with email distribution


      After upgrading to MDP9 from MDP8 we find that when searching for email address from our lotus notes address book datapump places the name not the actual email address in the distribution list. When the job runs the name is not resolved to the email address and therefore there is no delivery. Can anyone tell me what has changed or if I am missing a setup somewhere

        • MDP9 problems with email distribution
          Gareth Horton



          We tested this against Notes/Domino without any issues at the time of development, and I just retested it against Notes 6 without a problem.


          Is this on the same box with the same service account credentials etc?


          What does the job log for the distribution section look like?


          Mine looks like this, with the email "To:" just referencing "Gareth Horton" and looking up against the Notes LDAP:


          Operation Status Start Stop Message

          - Email Completed 05-22-2008 17:21:56 05-22-2008 17:22:13 Test From AD with Notes LDAP Lookup 


          status  Completed

          start_time  2008-05-22T17:21:56

          stop_time  2008-05-22T17:22:13

          smtp_server  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

          smtp_port  587

          use_SSL  True

          priority  Normal

          to  Gareth Horton

          from  gareth_horton@datawatch.com[/email]

          resolved_to  Gareth_Horton@datawatch.com[/email];

          resolved_from  gareth_horton@datawatch.com[/email];

          subject  Test From AD with Notes LDAP Lookup

          body  Test

          type  Email