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    How to setup the email alert of job completion ?

    aiyeo _

      Hi All,


      So far I'm able to create and tested the email alert for job failed, I can't see anywere to setup the email alert of job completion. :confused:

        • How to setup the email alert of job completion ?

          In the last project that is part of the process, you will want to set up a post export distribution.  There, you can set up an email to yourself, or the users.

            • How to setup the email alert of job completion ?
              Bill Tilghman

              I use email to setup delivery of files to associates that are required by FINRA rules to view the  files for regulatory reason. SO in Outlook that get the message and the file they are required to review. This does not guarantee that they did review it, but if they did it leave a nice audit trail.


              One issue that I will place in the suggestion box.. Excel exports can't be formatted. At least I can't figure out how.


              The managers have to open the excel file, change page shape, size and font and then they print and sign the one page.  I would like to do that so they can just print, sign, move on.


              Not that it matters the company decided that anyone who was not mainframe was not needed and eliminated our jobs. Does not matter to me I'm 67 and was just waiting for my lady to retire.  I do some consulting with a couple of other Broker/Dealers and may search for other who are not International size like Manulife/Hancock.


              I used Monarch when it came on Floppy disk for Win98... and we saved the company about 100K a year on paper and labor....So I'm pleased with the association and the product to say the least.



                • How to setup the email alert of job completion ?

                  Bill, there's some limited formatting you can do in Monarch (most of what you indicated can be done).  This would be at the model level.


                  There's also a few special reports we have where Data Pump calls a Access macro, which calls a VBA module that opens the spreadsheet and does some additional formatting.


                  However, it sounds like all of your Monarch problems are "solved" now.  If you're interested in the details of either solution, let me know.


                  I'm at the other side of the coin - I still have at least 30 years until retirement.  Hopefully by then I can set up Data Pump to build it's own Monarch models automatically.