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    XP sp1 and UNC errors (?)

    Bill Tilghman

      Using an old version of Datapump (cost too high for upgrade) Got an interesting issue that came up with XP and not as much on Win2000.

      ( Who said we were hind bound? )


      The issue for your entertainment.


      Using  UNC syntax in a Datapump job like:

      R:\WSF2\Operations .. sometime fails.


      Using a JOIN with systax like:

      R:\WSF2\Specialreports\allreps....  ALWAYS FAILS.


      You have to spell it out.



      Told you it would be interesting... UNC seems to fail with the combination of Active Directory and WinXP.

        • XP sp1 and UNC errors (?)
          Grant _

          R:\WSF2\Operations & R:\WSF2\Specialreports\allreps are not UNCs, they are explicit (absolute) file references and in your case they are probably mapped network drives.  The issue is probably that the drive mappings may or may not exist at the time the job runs in Monarch.  It is always far better to use the UNC (specifing the
          servername\sharename) as you are no longer dependant on the drive mapping through the OS.  Just ensure that the user running the Monarch Datapump Service has the appropriate right the share.  I have had this problem and switching to the UNC works everytime.  All models and projects should reference UNCs, makes upgrading servers easier and allows you to more easily create a project on Monarch at your workstation and then load it on Datapump on a different server without having to worry about similar driver mappings.


          Hope this helps.

            • XP sp1 and UNC errors (?)
              Bill Tilghman

              The user is me, and the machine has the drive mapped. In fact the logon script assigns the drive letter. (R:\)

              I just thought it was odd that it would work fine until we switched from NT to Active Directory.

              So , I had massive failures on the Monday following the cut over.  All the errors said the JOIN was missing or the password was incorrect... something like that. 


              Took about a hour for the old brain to figure an answer.