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    Datapump 5 Urgent Help Required

    Bill Watson



      I have raised this with uk_support, but any assistance would be much appreciated.


      We are currently in the process of transferring our live processes from Datapump 5 to Datapump 8. Unfortunately the Windows NT PC on which we had Datapump 5 installed has died. I do have another viable NT machine which can be used as it's replacement, however as an added complication we do not appear to have the original install media or registration details to hand (we have moved offices in the intervening period since it was installed). There are still live processes running from this datapump which we are having to work around so as I said any help would be appreciated.


      I have managed to recover the following Program Files folders and copied them to the other NT PC:


      Monarch Data Pump SE

      Common Files/Datawatch Shared


      We were unable to retrieve anything from the Windows directory.


      I have managed to register the Datapump Service, and start the Server. Also we can run the Admin component and view/change the scheduled processes and DPF files, however we do not seem to be able to get it to run any processes. There are no specific errors in the event log when we attempt this and it does not seem to be updating any of the log files.


      I know this is a long shot, but can anyone tell me:

      Are any files stored in the Windows directory for DP5

      What dll or ocx files need to be re-registered?

      What (if any) registry keys are required?