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    Excel Formulas not automatically updating

    OMAnalyst _

      I setup a spreadsheet where the first worksheet is called Invoice.  It has a bunch of boxes and junk on it to make it look like a paper invoice that we send out.  All the data gets grabbed from worksheet (same workbook) InvoiceData.  I do it by going like this:




      in the desired cell.  I have a project kicked off my a BAT file to append my XLS file and overwrite the InvoiceData worksheet.  The worksheet gets updated correctly after I run the BAT file.


      The problem comes that when I open the XLS file, worksheet Invoice never gets updated with the new values in InvoiceData.  I either have to


      1)  Save it as a new file

      or 2)  Hit CTLALTSHIFT+F9


      Writing a macro is not an option because the business requirements say the XLS file can not contain a macro.  They do not want to hear "your file screwed up my computer"....


      Anyone else come across this issue or have an idea how to resolve it?  I have my options in Excel to automatically update calculations but it isn't helping.