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    Table Window Not Displaying Data... Just Headings

    butchdm _

      Hi Everyone,

      I am running Monarch 6.01 and have a problem with the Table Window not displaying data.  I tried the sample reports and models provided with the install, my own reports and models, and even just the simplest traps.  When I verify the data it selects the correct data, but when I go to the Table Window it only displays the headings.  I called Monarch Tech Support and although they don't support V6 anymore they still tried to help and we had no luck.  Has anyone come across this or does anyone know any solutions?


      I have searched through this forum and found 2 posts that seemed to be on the same topic, and have tried both the solutions posted with no luck.  They were from a few years ago so maybe there is something new out there to resolve this..  Thanks

        • Table Window Not Displaying Data... Just Headings
          Grant Perkins

          Hi butchdm and welcome to the forum.


          Have you completely eliminated the possibility that there is a filter being applied that eliminates all data for the report in use?


          The other possibility to be certain about is that the detail template will in fact select some data from the report(s) you are using.


          Now I would assume that you have already been through this and eliminated those possibilities BUT I learned long ago to avoid jumping in part way through a diagnosis path on the assumption that all the basics and early steps were complete and suitably answered! (though sometimes I forget and break the rule ...)




            • Table Window Not Displaying Data... Just Headings
              butchdm _

              Hi Grant,

              Thanks for your quick response.   I just double checked the filters and "No Filter" is selected.  There are also no other filters to apply at this time. 


              Back on the Report Window I did a real easy sample from the Classic.prn that is provided.  Under detail I did a number trap for the account number and after verifying the data all the account numbers are highlighted throughout the report.  When switching back to the Table Window I just get the heading "Accnt Num" - which is what I named the field.  Nothing below it.