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    ZJSoule _

      Good afternoon,


      I have a question regarding DataPump.  We are currently using version 8, and will be upgrading to version 9 in the very near future. 


      My question is this:


      Is there a way to have DataPump put out an exception report via e-mail for all jobs?  I know there are job logs for each individual report, but is there a way to have DataPump create an overarching file that tells what jobs scheduled for that day ran or failed?


      I appreciate any help!




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          Gareth Horton



          The best way to do this would be to use Monarch and Data Pump to create a Process which essentially reports on itself.


          You can use Monarch to read the PumpJobProcessView in the DWCHServer database and do some extensive reporting that way.


          As regards a daily activity report, you probably want to use a filter which uses the current date in the model, and maybe schedule the Process you create within Data Pump to run at 11:59PM.


          I have attached a model that you can use as a starting point for this.


          It contains a lookup table which maps the Status to the actual text which appears in the Data Pump UI, but not in the view itself, and a few summaries to drill into the data with.


          Let me know how you get on.