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    Formula limits

    AmyNRA _

      I've noticed that the If() function can only have so many And/Or conditions or it starts to ignore some.  I don't know HOW many.  Does anyone here know?


      Also, is there a character-length limit for formulas?  Or any other limit, such as how many functions can be nested?


      I'd hate to take the time to write a whole, big, long one and have it say, "Sorry, Charlie"!

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          Data Kruncher

          Hi Amy,


          I've built some pretty large expressions with If, .And. and .Or., and I've never had them fail. As long you're very careful about placing the ( and ) characters, I'd be very surprised to hear that Monarch didn't interpret the logic properly. Shocked, in fact.


          As to the character length limit, as of v9 it's a whopping 32,786 (32K)characters, up from the 4K limit of v8. Large enough that nobody seriously wants to debug a formula of that size.

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              AmyNRA _

              Thanks for such a quick answer!


              Yes, 32,786 is big enough for ME! 


              I was really pretty sure that my parentheses were good.  I even tried changing the one it was skipping to the beginning instead of the end.  I got around it by using more Ifs.


              I will look again next time this happens and, if I don't see the cause, save some examples to discuss here.



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                  Grant Perkins



                  Somewhere at the back of my mind I recall that the IF() function supports a maximum of 36 nested expressions.


                  However I think if one uses the patented Osdale-Popa method of conjoining multiple IF() statements (using the + sign) then you are only limited by the max number of characters available which, as Kruncher has pointed out, became quite a big number in Version 9.


                  Can anyone confirm this and save me a trawl back through the archives?



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                    Bruce _



                    Another possibility is that part of the formula is not evaluating how you think it should. For instance null (and you think it's zero), a string (and you think it's a number) or some other mis-match.


                    You can check using the "test" tab on the variable, or by breaking down the calculation step-by-step, or try posting the calculation on this site.


                    Even on version 8 it was very difficult to "blow" the limit on calculations.