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    Adding a default field

    Matixsnow _

      What is the easiest way to add a field to a set of data in Monarch where every value in that field is the same for every record?  Right now I go to Data - calculated fields - lookup - select any field for the lookup to reference to and then set a default value.

        • Adding a default field
          Nigel Winton

          Hi There

          It is quite easy, just set up a calculated field and instead of a formula, enter whatever you want to see. This can be of any data type as long as you use the quote marks for text or the {} brackets for dates it will work. Just remember to set the data type for the field and all is well. You can also reference this field in other calculated fields.





            • Adding a default field
              Grant Perkins

              For those with recent versions of Monarch (8 and 9 for sure, I can't remember if 7 as well) you have the "Runtime Parameter" calculated field to play with and the option to retain a value in the Registry for repeated use.


              With V9 you also have the "User-edited" option although whether or not that is relevant could depend on the purpose of the field.