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    Hi Guys! Newbie here :)

    aznkitten _

      I just want to say hi to everyone, the techies and users alike! I'm glad to find a forum for Monarch, as I find forums very benificial.. I use excel on a daily basis to extract reports from our software (PDI), and MrExcel and its users has played a major role in making the process faster and easier for me However we all know that Monarch is the only way to go for extracting and summarizing reports, (especially if you are dealing with more than 65,500 lines)! So I was excited, to recieve a copy of Monarch Pro 9.01. Only problem is, I do not know where to start! What would be a good starting point for me? I open a report on monarch, and it shows it there.. and thats how far I've gone. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

        • Hi Guys! Newbie here :)
          Data Kruncher

          Hello and wecome aboard!


          Monarch is shipped with a Learning Guide (a PDF file you'll find on your Windows Start menu under Monarch), and that'll be the best place for you to start. Block off a couple of hours, and go through the exercises in order, and don't skip any steps along the way.


          It won't tell you everything you'll ever need to know about the product, but it will most certainly get you productive and started, confidently, on the right track.


          After you've completed the guide, and you feel like you really want to fast track your Monarch knowledge, you can always take one of the courses offered by Datawatch, or, even better, attend the (rapidly approaching) annual user conference.


          Until then, if/when you get stuck, you know where to come for a bit of help!


          Have fun, and we'll see you soon.