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    How to keep the number 0 in a field leading position.

    F77 _

      Assume you have a bunch of lines that all begin with the number Zero. 0150, 0266, 0388..etc. If you trap on the field as character the Zero remains. If you trap on the field as number you lose the leading Zero(0) 150, 266, 388. Is it possible to keep that leading zero as a number as it is the external lookup column against an excel spreadsheet? I tried Val() but didn't have success converting it from character to number and the spreadsheet adding the columns that I wanted


      This also might be a useful addition going forward on newer versions of monarch. The ability to keep that leading zero so that when you define the field you can help yourself sane with external lookups.


      Any suggestions or something that I overlooked?



      Monarch PRO V9.1