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    Model help...  Multiline trap spans page footer of PDF file

    Grant _

      I am extracting data from a PDF report and on of the field requires a multiline trap.  This worked fine most times but the report lenght differs from day to day and if the mulitline trap spans the page footer I get null values.  I have tried to use footer field and page header fields but they are not helping.  The footer is actually two blank lines (which is causing my grief) and a footer line of text including starting with FILTER and includes page number, date, etc.  See below.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I am currently trying this in Monarch 8.02 but own 9 so that's an option if it would handle it any better.  Clip of the report is below.  The data I am trying to capture is the -13536.97 from the payments to AR Ledger.  thanks!!


                       Grand Total                                                                                116,490.19              

                              AR Ledger Payments                                                                                13,536.97              

                              Deposit Ledger Activity                                                                                1,000.00                                                                               

      Balance Carried Forward                                                                                131,027.16              

                              Accruals Today                                                                                0.00                                                                               

      Guest Ledger Balance                                                                                131,027.16                                                                               

      Guest Ledger                                                                               

      Balance Yesterday                                                                                113,836.56              

                              Charges                                                                                50,652.49              

                              Payments                                                                                - 33,461.89              

                              Deposits Transfered at Check-In                                                                                0.00                                                                               

      Balance Today                                                                                131,027.16                                                                               

      AR Ledger                                                                               

      Balance Yesterday                                                                                183,423.46                                                                               

      Filter      Date: 04-03-08                                                                          Page 2 of 3                                                               trial_balance                                                                               

      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx                                                                         04-04-08                                                                               

      Trial Balance                                                                                13:38                                                                               


                              Charges and Transfers                                                                                - 13,536.97              


      Balance Today                                                                                169,886.49                                                                               


        • Model help...  Multiline trap spans page footer of PDF file
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Grant,


          I think I managed to model this without getting too fancy.


          Build a one line detail template. I used the Charges and Transfers line as a sample, .NN traps as applicable, and a series of B traps just before the Transaction Type, so as to exclude the other various section headings.


          Then you can build a one line append trap to pick up the ledger name, and in your table, filter out the rows with blank Ledger names.


          I didn't fuss with the balance titles and amounts as you didn't mention the need to extract those.


          How's that?



          • Model help...  Multiline trap spans page footer of PDF file
            Grant Perkins

            Hi Grant!


            Two ideas.


            The Page header template should make any lines in contain 'invisible' when Monarch is parsing other templates. Can you include the footer lines in the header? (It may give you a problem at the top of the report  - perhaps inserting some dummy lines there would resolve that it required.)


            Secondly consider using the Preceding String Advanced Field 'Start field on' option.


            In effect, and providing you can identify a unique string to use, this allows the file to 'float' vertically anywhere between the top of the trapping template and the start of the next detail template although I think there may be a maximum number of lines that apply to that principle. So far I have not hit that limit in practical terms.


            "charges and transfers" looks like a string that would do the job for you unless I have misread across the line.