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    Email Table Info based on email address in column

    JoshQuick _

      Is there a way to email a report based on a column of email addresses





      Bob, cheese,14.00,bob@hotmail.com

      John,Bread, 8.00,john@gmail.com


      Send an email to bob saying his cheese is 14.00 and send an email to John saying his Bread is 8.00.


      Can this be done with a post-script?


      Thank You

        • Email Table Info based on email address in column
          Bill Watson



          I'm sure it might be possible to do this via code, but sometimes the simple methods are the best.


          There is a free application called BLAT which handles emailing via msdos batch files. The format of the command line is pretty straightforward (and fully documented in a readme).


          You could create a calculated field using your table data which creates a BLAT command line. Then hide all the other fields and export the table to a text file with the extension .BAT.


          This can then be executed in your post process/post export to send out the emails.