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      • A new (?) twist on duplicated records???
        Data Kruncher

        Hi Liz, and welcome to the forum.


        First post, huh? Are you sure that you didn't want to start out a bit more slowly?


        Well, I tried a few approaches, playing with different combinations of the various available templates, but keeping in mind your v8 limitations, and the nature of your sample with some fields not appearing in every record, I never did find a successful method.


        So instead I did build a good model that captures the entire record as one single field, then uses calculated fields to effectively slice and dice your desired fields from that single field, achieving the final results that I think you're after.


        It's a bit much to describe quickly here, but if you'd like to send me a Private Message with an email address for you, I'd be happy to send you the model I created for your review.