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    Record split between page break

    JPR _

      I am new to this forum and a Monarch newby. Currently, I am using Monarch Pro version 9.1.


      I have a pdf report that I have to read and create a csv file from.  I have it working well except for an issue I cannot seem to get around.


      Here is an example of the file in Monarch prior to exporting.



                --- Remittance Advice Accounts Receivable Open Item Reference ---              

           Seller's Invoice Number  : 999991         Payment Action Code        :                   

           Amount Paid                : $199.00        Amount of Invoice            : $0.00             

           Amount of Discount       : $0.00                                                    

           Invoice                       : Jan 17, 08                                                

           Time                           :                                                           

           Time Code                    :                                                                               

      --- Remittance Advice Accounts Receivable Open Item Reference ---              

           Seller's Invoice Number  : 999992         Payment Action Code       :   





                                                    Another Bank & Trust Co                                                                               

      05:46:11 PM, Feb 5, 2008           Summary Remittance Report     Page 3                                                                               

      CompanyName Inc                                                                               

      Amount Paid              : $599.01             Amount of Invoice             : $0.00             

           Amount of Discount    : $0.00                                                    

           Invoice                     : Jan 7, 08                                                

           Time                        :                                                          

           Time Code                 :                                                                               

      --- Remittance Advice Accounts Receivable Open Item Reference ---              

           Seller's Invoice Number  : 999993         Payment Action Code       :                   

           Amount Paid                : $129.10        Amount of Invoice            : $0.00             

           Amount of Discount      : $0.00                                                    

           Invoice                       : Jan 7, 08                                                

           Time                          :                                                          

           Time Code                   :                                                          




      My problem is that whenever there is a page break and the information I am trying to capture is split between the two pages, there are two records created as follows:



      999991                  $199.00       $0.00       $0.00 1/7/2008                                

      999992                  (Null)           (Null)       (Null)  (Null)      - before the page break      

                                  $599.01      $0.00       $0.00 1/7/2008  - after the page break        

      999993                  $129.10       $0.00       $0.00 1/7/2008                                



      How do I correct this?

        • Record split between page break
          henryiriawan _

          Hi JPR,


          Welcome to the Forum. In here, the problem seems to be on your Model (XMOD) path.


          On this condition, you should define which data that always stick together? In  this example,  I saw:


          Amount Paid : $599.01 Amount of Invoice : $0.00

          Amount of Discount : $0.00                     

          Invoice : Jan 7, 08                            

          Time :                                         

          Time Code :                                    


          that will always stick together.


          So, you need to define the data above as "Detail" template. So, you will have 4 fields (e.g: Amount_Paid, Amount_Invoice, Amount_Discount, Invoice_Date)


          And, you need to create another template called "Append" for


          Seller's Invoice Number : 999991 Payment Action Code :


          In here, you will have one field, e.g: Invoice_Number.


          Try it and let me know if this works for you.


          Hope that helps...




          If the pattern of your report will vary, then you may want to do define 4 Templates:


          1. "Detail" Template will contain:

          Seller's Invoice Number  : 999993         Payment Action Code       :                   

                    e.g: Field name: Invoice_Number (Numeric)


          2. "Footer" template will contain:

          Amount Paid                : $129.10        Amount of Invoice            : $0.00             

                    e.g: Field name: Amount_Paid (Currency) , Amount_Invoice (Currency)


          3. "Footer" template will contain:

          Amount of Discount: $0.00             

                     e.g: Field name: Amount_Discount (Currency)


          4. "Footer" template will contain:

          Invoice                       : Jan 7, 08                                                

          e.g: Field name: Invoice_Date (Short Date)

            • Record split between page break
              Grant Perkins

              Hi JPR,


              The preferred way to deal with this would be to set up a Page Header template that covers all the lines that always appear in the middle of you records when there is a page break. You may need to experiment with which blank lines need to be included.


              The Page Header template makes those lines available to data extraction if you need anything there but also makes them 'invisible' to other multi-row templates.


              Based on the sample records you posted you should be able to get all 6 lines of the records in a single template that will work over the page break.


              However, some slight caution on that because the nature of the initial PDF to Text conversion MAY result in some anomalies with perhaps more or fewer lines in the header breaks - indeed I have seen ordinary  reports that are not always consistent!


              I would expect any such problem to be fairly evident from viewing the resulting table.