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    Multi-Column Trap

    vchris _

      I have a Multicolumn Design Model that works well.  I set a trap to capture a heading which starts at the top of the second column, which it does and fills the balance of the report, but the records from the first page of the first column remain blank.  I know you can set the field to fill blanks with the previous record, is there a way to fill blanks going up?

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          henryiriawan _

          Hi Chris,


          is there a way to fill blanks going up?[/quote]


          Have you tried a template called "Footer"? Footer works from Bottom to up and Append works from Up to Bottom.


          Hope that helps...

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              Grant Perkins

              Hi vchris and welcome to the forum.


              I'm trying to visualize what you have here. I suspect what you need to do is take the heading OUT of the MCR region if you can. That way it should work for all records.


              To do that you will probably need to set the start and end points of the MCR using other templates - dummy templates if necessary. There are reports and times when attempting this can be especially challenging and some extreme creativity may be required. If you have the option of providing us with a small illustrative sample of the report it could be very useful.